Call for Talks

SoHeal aims to enable and promote collaboration between academia and industry, unifying the views on software health of researchers and practitioners. The workshop's goals are to: (i) raise awareness of practitioners' problems with software health; (ii) familiarize practitioners with the progress made by academia; and (iii) connect the two communities to further advance the body of knowledge and state of the practice on software health.

We invite talk proposal contributions of up to 2 pages (including figures, tables and references), all submissions will peer-reviewed and must be submitted through HotCrp.
Formatting instructions are available at for both LaTeX and Word users. LaTeX users must use the provided acmart.cls and without modification, enable the conference format in the preamble of the document (i.e., \documentclass[sigconf,review]{acmart}), and use the ACM reference format for the bibliography (i.e., \bibliographystyle{ACM-Reference-Format}). The review option adds line numbers, thereby allowing referees to refer to specific lines in their comments. All accepted contributions will be presented during the workshop, but talk proposal contributions will not be included in the proceedings. Talk proposals of 1 to 2 pages reporting on practitioner's or industrial experience will be considered for presentation during the workshop, on the basis of an abstract of the talk and the author's biography.

Topics for contributions on software health (at ecosystem or project level) include but are not limited to:

  • technical health issues (e.g., library updates, breaking changes, vulnerabilities);
  • social health aspects (e.g., sustainability, onboarding, collaboration, coordination);
  • empirical qualitative and/or quantitative studies on software health;
  • theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches to measure, assess, and monitor software health at the individual, team, organisational, or community level of granularity;
  • prediction and/or recommendation models to forecast software ecosystems issues or improve their health;
  • dashboards and tools to analyse and visualise health-related factors.
  • evolution of software ecosystems and their health;
  • experiences with developing and/or relying on software ecosystems in industry, open-source or the public sector;
  • studies concerning the legal, process, or business aspects.

Authors of the papers accepted at SoHeal 2020 will be invited to submit revised, extended versions of their manuscripts for a special issue of Science of Computer Programming (SCICO), edited by Elsevier.

Important dates

  • Industry/Practitioner talk proposal deadline: January 22, 2020 February 7, 2020
  • Notification of acceptance: February 25, 2020
  • Workshop: May 24, 2020; October, 2020; July, 2020